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Weekend Tunes

February 2, 2009

Music was the theme for this weekend.  Let’s recap:


1o am.

I noticed the Coachella lineup was just announced.  I haven’t been to a festival like this since the first Bonnaroo.  That seemed ages ago, and all I can remember now is being baked out of my mind lying on the grass listening to Jack Johnson or some other crappy jam band at 4 in the morning.  But now I’m getting the itch again.  Who wouldn’t want to go in the desert for three days and wash yourself at the local McDonald’s?  All the while standing next to people who smell like a mix of cat pee and cigarettes.

10 pm.

I saw the Submarines play to a packed house at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.  You’ve probably never heard of them except you have.  On the apple commercial.  Specifically the apple iphone commercial.  Which leads me to concert pet peeve #1: playing your most popular song as your final song.  It absolutely drives me nuts.  Just play it right away and get it over with.


01 pm.  

I had an American Idol marathon at my house.  I watched 6 hours…

10 pm.  

I went to the Detroit Bar again to watch Low vs. Diamond.  Pretty weak stuff, but I did run into two more of my concert pet peeves.  Concert pet peeve #2: farting at concerts.  It got to the point where I was actively waiting for the d-bag to fart again, which he did every 5 minutes.  Concert pet peeve #3: taking cell phone pictures at concerts.  Really?  You need a blurry image of a band in low lighting.  Really?


11 pm.

Listening to the new Bon Iver EP to end the night.  Oh that sweet voice from the bearded recluse from Wisconsin.

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  1. February 2, 2009 4:02 pm

    I’ll know if I can go to Coachella in a couple weeks and I’ll book my flight.

  2. February 19, 2009 5:33 am

    dan…you are hilarious…i was so LOL…ask brian…he is sitting here next to me…
    ps. i am stealing you from WATG to be a full time writer for wedding sprinkles…it’s happening…soon…and i am going to stalk you until you write for me…

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