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Welcome Home, Jay-C

April 2, 2009

Today I went hiking with Jesse up in Laguna Canyon. The weather was pretty crappy, but we managed to take some good pictures. I’ll post the best ones later.

When I get home I find out that the Bears have finally gotten a legit quarterback. The price for him seemed steep. But then again we’ve never been particularly good with our first round picks. In fact, I can remember Brian Urlacher being the only first-rounder who has made any impact on our team. The best players (Lance Briggs, Devin Hester, Matt Forte, Tommy Harris, etc.) have all come from later rounds. Jerry Angelo is very adept at finding diamonds in the rough. Yet he fails miserably when he must pick from a group of sure-fire hits; Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson being the most glaring failures. Does anyone even remember our first round pick last year? ( f.y.i. Chris Williams)

I pray to God Cutler is legitimately good, and not a product of Mike Shanahan’s brilliant offensive attack. Either way, we have an awfully weak schedule next year and just improved immensely at quarterback. Honestly, I really appreciated Kyle Orton and how much he has improved in a few years. But the dude still cannot hit slants and outs consistently and definitely couldn’t hit the deep routes. I will, however, miss Kyle Orton’s beard and his crazy drinking. Not many people know this but the guy is a party animal. If you ever google ‘Kyle Orton’ the first image is of him holding a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

If you haven’t figured out yet, I love the Bears. Almost as much as the Cubs. Almost.

Jay Cutler

Welcome Back to the Midwest, Jay-C!

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