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Cubs Opening Day

April 5, 2009

I know today is the official Opening Day in baseball.  But for me, tomorrow will mark the day spring and baseball officially start.  The Cubs, again, look amazing on paper.  As my friend Damien has pointed out, there are little flaws on the team.  We may need another lefty relief pitcher down the line, but the offense seems much more balanced and the pitching is still top-notch.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Peavy was still in the mix for a mid-season addition; further strengthening the rotation.  I’m predicting 95 wins and playoffs again.

But I won’t be optimistic.  Really, I haven’t been optimistic since 2003.  That season was magical for me.  We had everything.  The pitching rotation was a mix of young studs and hardened veterans.  Our hitters were coming into their prime.  And then of course, everything came undone with 5 outs left.  After Game 7, I actually cried.  The Cubs had broken my heart.

It is hard to go through those emotions year after year.  I’ve now distanced myself from the Cubbies.  I still love them, but the losses sting less and less.  I don’t invest myself every year hoping we will finally win.  I think it’s been easier living in California.  I see them twice a year when they visit Los Angeles and that’s enough for me.  I still watch them on television whenever I can, but my life doesn’t revolve around them anymore.  I think when we finally win it all; it will be more of a relief than anything else.  I can root for them again without any anxiety or worry.  I can become a Cubs Fan again.  So for everyone’s sake:  Make This Our Year!


We might not win, but Cub fans are still the best looking fans in baseball!

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