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Coachella: Day Three

April 22, 2009

So by the final day, we were very tired.  My knees and back were killing me from the lack of sleep and constant standing.  We had already decided to leave a bit early to beat the traffic and get into Orange County at a reasonable time.  Luckily, we spent a good portion of the day under the tents because the temperature hit 100 degrees.

1. Vivian Girls.  This was the start of our trifecta at the Mojave Stage.  They only have one album so they finished their set pretty fast.  Their whole shtick was to pretend like they weren’t all that interested and they tried to act very non-chalant.  However, the bassist could not contain herself and was smiling and laughing the whole time.  She probably got yelled at backstage for being happy.  I will note that they ended the show by switching instruments.  This lead to the best moment of the show: the happy bassist playing drums like a girl would on Rock Band.  i.e. really awkwardly.

2. No Age.  I love this band.  It was another noise band, but since they’re local (L.A. guys) the crowd was very lively for an early show.  Two songs in, the front row started moshing.  Did I mention we were in the front row?  I had to leave after two songs because I was wearing flippy-floppies, but Mike and Bryan stayed for it all.  By the end of the show, they emerged completely soaked and the whole mosh pit was steaming.  Literally steaming.  It was kinda gross.

3. Fucked Up.  We moved to the back for this band because we knew they were a hardcore band.  And sure enough, on the first song the lead singer pounds a beer and smashes it over his head.  He then began to bleed and it streamed down his face the entire show.  Of course, he then proceeded to splash it on every one in the front row.  I was never happier to not be in the front row.  The weirdest thing was that the lead singer was going bananas and his band were all dressed very preppy and didn’t say much at all.  I’m guessing it was done ironically.

Fucked up, indeed.

Fucked up, indeed.

4. Lupe Fiasco.  For Lupe, we got awfully close.  Probably 5 rows back on the main stage.  He was very good and had a band accompany him.  Of course, he also had annoying hype-man.  I can’t wait to get famous and have my own hype-man just repeat everything I say.  “I’m going to the store.”  “Yeah, he’s going to the store!”  NOW that would be pretty sick.  My favorite part, when we all sang about how awesome Chicago was to a bunch of hipsters who think L.A. is the shit.  Midwest for the win!

5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  They were awesome.  They played a lot of stuff from their new album which I’m growing to like more and more.

6. My Bloody Valentine.  When we first got to the festival that day, they handed out earplugs for the first time all weekend.  We weren’t sure why, but after seeing this show we knew.  They played so loud that even with the earplugs it was hard to listen to.  Oh, and they had 15 minutes of white noise that blared at us.  Most people were very confused, but I enjoyed it.

7. The Cure.  We only stayed for an hour of this show.  I’m not the biggest Cure fan so it wasn’t a big deal for me.  The highlight of the show had nothing to do with music.  While we were watching a drunk girl stumbled near us and decided to squat and pee right in front of us.  My brother was the only one who saw it, but he could not stop laughing.  I also enjoyed everyone that dressed up like goth kids for the show.  I totally mistook them for vamp kids.

Why are you guys so sad, Goth Kids????

Why are you guys so sad, Goth Kids????

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  1. April 22, 2009 4:15 pm

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. Mike permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:24 pm

    again, she did not squat and pee. she peed all over her skirt and legs standing fully upright. there’s also a good chance her water broke. if the japanese saw this public urination, they would have gone nuts!

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