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Coachella: Day Two

April 22, 2009

Since Paul McCartney ran really late, we didn’t get to sleep til 2 AM that night.  However, we woke up really early in the morning for two reasons.  One, it got really hot in our tent.  Two, a dirty hippie camped right next two us and would wake up each day at 6 AM to start talking about socialism and music to anyone that would listen.  I had earplugs on and I still couldn’t zone out the noise from his mouth.  I officially hate hippies.  By 12 PM, we were anxious to get into the festival.  We had a better gameplan for Saturday because we felt like we over-extended ourselves the first day.  Here are the bands we listened to on Saturday:

1. Liars.  We didn’t particularily care about the band, but my brother really wanted to see them.  Apparently, Radiohead really likes them and when they guest dj’ed at NPR, Thom Yorke played two of their songs.  For an early show, they brought a lot of energy.  But I still passed out from the heat and woke up right as they ended their set.

2. Blitzen Trapper.  I own their latest CD but I knew it wasn’t going to be a really exciting show.  They’re more of a band you listen to when you’re in your bed trying to fall asleep.  We did stand near some really lame people.  First, a group of LA hipsters who were on too many drugs and continously raised a flag they carried around.  They soon left our side, only to be replaced with 40 somethings who were even lamer.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope I’m 40 and I still listen to new music.  The difference is that I hope I’m 40 and act like I’m 40.  These idiots pushed their way to our area and then began to ignore the band and talk amongst themselves.  They thought they were so cool.

3. Calexico.  I watched them in the shade and it was quite enjoyable.  I don’t know many of their songs but it was very soothing world music.

4. TRV$DJ-AM.  They played in the rave tent and it was packed with people.  This was by far the best show on Saturday.  They came out with some GNR and killed it.  Travis Barker has to be the best drummer alive.  It was a cool combination of drums and mixing that I didn’t expect.  They picked the perfect songs and had the whole place singing along.  Warren G even showed up to rap, although I’m sure it wasn’t too hard to get him to come.

5. Band of Horses.  There was a conflict between them and M.I.A.  We went to Band of Horses first which was great because they played all the songs I wanted in the first 20 minutes and we then made our way to M.I.A. at the large stage.

6. M.I.A.  We caught the last 30 minutes of it and I thought she was mediocre.  She didn’t seem very comfortable up their but there were some highlights.  First, her DJ constantly used an air raid sound every ten seconds which I’m sure annoyed the hell out of people.  I, however, thought it was hilarious.  Second, she auto-tuned her baby crying.  ‘Nuff Said.

7. Jenny Lewis.  She played mostly from her new album and it went how I imagined a Jenny Lewis show would go.  She did have a fun moment when she pointed out all the slutty girls in the audience and called them carpet baggers.  I don’t know what a carpet bagger is but it sounds dirty.

Still really hot, even if she is a ginger.

Still really hot, even if she is a ginger.

8. Killers.  I left after a few songs.  Why???  Are we humans?  Or are we dancers?  That’s Why!

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  1. Mike permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:18 pm

    I’ll add that during the Killers’ set, I was charging my phone at the campsite far from the stage where I sat next to a girl wearing a shirt that said “I’VE GOT SOUL” on the front and “BUT I’M NOT A SOLDIER” … big fan? or the biggest fan?

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