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Gone Campin’

June 7, 2009

I just got back from a long weekend camping at San Onofre State Park.  I didn’t have twitter readily available but if I did here’s what I would have wrote…

1. Meeting everyone at the grocery store.

2. @btjowett just exploded a package of hummus.

3. Pitched three tents.

4. Drinking large amounts of beer.

5. Peeing large amounts of beer.

6.  Sleeping with @johnheineman for the first time.

7. Woke up and peed some more.

8. Watching @mattpage eat a cupcake for breakfast.

9. Eating drinking rice krispies in a cup because @HarrisDC forgot spoons.

10. Watching everyone put on wetsuits in a non-homosexual way.  Or was it?!!

11. Watching everyone try to surf.

12. I think I saw a dolphin.

13. Yahtzee!

14. Eating burgers for the third time in 4 meals.

15. Peeing for the 1914315th time on this trip.

16. Woke up to rain and decided fuck it, we’re going to McDonald’s.

17. Encountered the dumbest McDonald employees in America.  But damn do they make a good breakfast.

18. I just realized I haven’t changed my clothes in three days.  I’m finally a hipster.

19. Came back home and quickly went to sleep in same three day old clothes.

20. My hair still smells like smoke after three washes.

21. Relaxed.

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