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This Week in Review: Chicago Edition

September 28, 2009

It’s been a busy, busy week.  I just got back from Chicago and two days later headed down to San Diego for the Get Up Kids Reunion Tour.  I wanted to recap everything that happened:


Nothing much, just hung out with my family and then began watching The OC: Season Four.  Was I feeling homesick already??  HAHA.  Oh yeah, also went to Portillo’s for a massive meal.  We ordered ribs, cheese fries, chili dogs, and italian beef sandwiches.  I’m pretty sure I gained five pounds from that meal alone.


Got some deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s.  At night, met up with some doctor friends and was shocked to find out they’ve all become right-winged Republicans.  But I understand, they’re rich people now.


Headed down to Evanston to eat some wings at Buffalo Joe’s with Mike and Bola.  They questioned whether the three of us could eat a party platter made for 8 people.  Well we showed them!  We then headed down to UIC to meet up with Schmitt and Brian.  We ended up at a bar called Drum and Monkey which was actually pretty nice.  You could play shuffle board for free.  The downside?  It appeared to be some weird Irish Chicago Police Bar and every ten minutes a bag pipe band would come in and play songs that I only want to hear on Unofficial and the Departed.


Played the Beatles: Rock Band with a few of Mike’s friends.  We tried to complete the career mode, but failed.  We did, however, create a custom mic stand out of tape, a lamp, and a Disney’s High School Music mic.  We then headed over for a birthday party to meet up with everyone else.  I was glad to find out Dirty Jon’s brother is now part of the crew.  Even glader, that his nickname is Sloppy Joe.  Ended the night with a polish sausage run at Maxwell St.


We watched the Bears destroy the Steelers over at Groot’s house.  Then, we drove back home to eat some sushi with my parents.  The rain had already started and my mood was getting worse.  I started realizing why I live in Orange County.


Still Raining.  I met up with Josh and Nik at the Subterranean to watch the Antlers.  I’ve never heard of the them but they were really good.


I visited the Modern Wing at the Art Institute and then met up with Rome to eat some Joy Yee’s.  At this point I’ve gained probably ten pounds.


I took my sister and mom to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Got to see some monkeys.  We had dinner at VIP Restaurant for Korean-Chinese food and then McDonald’s for some ice cream cones.  Exhausted, I jumped on the plane and passed out from all the fun.

What I’m Listening To:

Jay-Z and Kid Cudi.  Hip-Hop is back!

What I’m Reading:

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

What I’m Watching:

The OC: Season Four….OMG Ryan is a cage fighter!!!!

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