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Sharm El Sheikh (aka Southern Moscow)

December 31, 2009

For Christmas, I was sent to Sharm El Sheikh for a three-day vacation / site visit.  After a few weeks in dirty and congested Cairo, Sharm was a welcome break from city life.  It’s a small city with one main road lined with hotels from all around the world.  I happened to stay at the Hilton Sharm Dreams because well that’s the property we own.  They put me up in a villa which was nice, but far as hell from the main hotel.  

Once I got settled I noticed an alarming amount of Russians here.  Like Hurghada before, Russians seem to gravitate to the Red Sea.  And man do they love mullets.  I could literally tell what ethnicity someone was simply by looking at their hair.  The best you ask??  I saw a mullet with blonde tips.  It was magical.  The thing that drives me nuts, of course, is that all these weird Russian mullets have amazingly hot Russian women.  Basically it was LA with rich ugly men dating women who are way out of their league.  All I know is that I kinda want to be Russian…or at least grow an amazing mullet. 

I only had one real day to myself and I used it to just relax and swim in the Red Sea.  Of course, within the first minute of being in the water I gashed my foot on some coral and was out of commission for the entire day.  I never got to see the amazing coral reefs that everyone was raving about.  Fortunately, Sharm is only an hour away so I’ll be back…this time with water shoes. 

I had some time to kill at night so I ventured into the main city and decided that I wanted some good ol’ fashion American food.  I picked the Hard Rock because I was craving the Pulled Pork Sandwich there.  But as soon as I opened the menu I realized the one thing that Arabs don’t eat.  Pork.  I miss it.  Specifically bacon.  Oh how I miss bacon.  I had to settle for a Pulled Lamb Sandwich which wasn’t nearly as good.  But at least I got to sit next to Bryan Adam’s linen jacket. 

I don't care who knows it...I LOVE Bryan Adams


Overall, I would say Sharm was fun for what it is.  Don’t expect authenticity but I do appreciate the weather and the beach.  And of course the mullets. 

– –  

What I’m listening to: 

Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca.  This album is amazingly weird.  My favorite of 2009.  And I just got it this week. 

What I’m reading: 

The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons.  I just finished all 700 pages of it.  It was like reading an encyclopedia.  But I loved every minute of it. 

What I’m watching: 

Avatar.  Just saw it in a cramped Egyptian theater.  I loved it.  Maybe too much because I haven’t seen a movie in awhile.  But we finally got cable so I can watch obscure American movies now.  I watched Daylight starring Sylvester Stallone last night.  I’m hoping they show Demolition Man tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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