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Lost: The Final Season

January 14, 2010

Just looking at this picture makes me excited and sad at the same time.  Since I’m in Egypt while this is airing, I think I’ll buy the complete set when I get home and re-watch everything at once.  Although someone told me they do air Lost here on MBC Action.  It might be a bit delayed for Arabic translation, but I don’t know if I’m able to wait for the box set.  Self-control will definitely be tested.

In other news American Idol also starts here next week.  Too bad I don’t have a DVR so the odds of me seeing all these shows are slim.

– –

What I’m listening to:

Vampire Weekend – Contra. This album blew me away.  Not only is it on par to their over-hyped, but ultimately deserved, début album.  I think it’s better.  Plus, they use auto-tune.  And I LOVE auto-tune.  Not even ironically.

What I’m reading:

Uhhh, Absolutely nothing!!

What I’m watching:

Sherlock Holmes. I went to City Star over the weekend to watch this movie among hundreds of Egyptians tweens.  I thought it was outstanding and Guy Ritchie really adds flair to the film and modernized it without ruining the source content.  I can’t wait for the sequels now and I’m even tempted to re-read some old Holmes novels.

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