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Chinese New Year Part One

February 20, 2010

Since I, purposefully, had limited internet access when I when to Singapore I didn’t get to update much about where I was and what I was doing (For the record: 1 Buzz, 3 Tweets, 0 Status Updates.  I think social networking has gone too far).  So here is a rundown of my week in Singapore (Split into Two Posts):

Thursday (02.11.09):

After 11 hours of travel, I finally landed into Singapore.  Somehow I snuck in tobacco and a hookah in a country that punishes drug traffickers by death.  Lizzy was there to pick me up and we headed immediately toward Arab St. to find coals for the hookah.  Even though I’ve done it a million times here in Egypt, it was fun trying it with a fellow American.

We met up with Jane for lunch at a Hawker Stand (basically a very large food court filled with ethnic foods).  I found out she and her sister were vegetarians which ruined my plans to sample as much Asian food as possible.  I would eventually turn Lizzy back into a meat-eating human being that she should be.

At night, we met up with Ming and Andrew.  Basically Singapore, is Far East Irvine….but cleaner if you can imagine that.  We got ridiculously drunk, and headed over to Boat Quay for some Thai.  This pattern of drunkenness would repeat every night for the next week.

Friday (02.12.09):

We didn’t do too much on Friday.  Ming came over and we just hung out at the pool all day.  At night, we headed over to Clark Quay and received bottle service.  One thing that I didn’t like about Singapore is the absolute ridiculous prices on alcohol.  That and the strange ban on chewing gum.  We got stupid drunk again and even had a bottle left over for the next night.  Bottle service would also be a recurring theme on my Singapore Vacation.

Our Bottle with Jane's favorite nickname "Juan"

Saturday (02.13.09):

Today was Chinese New Year’s Eve.  It was another pool day for us as we planned on drinking again at night to celebrate the holiday in style.  We walked around Chinatown for a bit but it was just too hot.  I’ve forgotten all about humidity since living in California for two years.  I don’t like it one bit.  We headed back to Clark Quay to finish our bottle and then went over to Arena to watch a ‘Black Eyed Peas’ cover band.  Yes, these exist or at least in Asia they do.

Chinatown all light up

Sunday (02.14.10)

A bit hung-over, we headed over to the Regent for a Sunday Brunch.  I treated the ladies for Valentine’s Day and we made the most of it.  We sat there for 3.5 hours and probably drank a bottle of Champagne each.  (I still catch myself writing Champaign…ILL!!)  At home we quickly planned a trip to Johor Bahru (i.e. Malaysian Tijuana).

Coming Soon, Part Two!

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