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Dubai Day One: Easter

April 10, 2010

For all the traveling I do, you’d be surprised how little I care for it. Jetlag, language barriers, and constant moving all add up to a pretty lousy experience. Yet after vowing it off after every trip, I soon get the itch to travel again.

With the uncertainty of the Middle East, there are actually only a few places for me to visit. I picked Dubai because most people tell me a weekend trip is enough to experience the city. I decided to treat myself, it was my birthday afterall, and I booked a last-minute trip. Perfectly, Easter also fell on the same weekend so I got an extra day off.

I took a red-eye to Dubai and arrived at 4 AM. I booked at a brand new hotel, Sofitel Jumeirah Beach, and got a soft opening sale. Still ridiculously expensive, but I would soon realize that’s the norm here.

If you walked by it you would have no idea it was a hotel.

My first day was pretty uneventful. I just lounged around the beach and then headed over to the Mall of Emirates. People aren’t exaggerating when they say Dubai is all about money. This mall was HUGE! Unfortunately, so were the prices. When I know that back home, at South Coast Plaza, I can buy this stuff at half the price, the appeal of Dubai and it’s shopping culture diminishes.

The valet parking at the mall. The "cheapest" car was a BMW 7 Series. What a loser.

The infamous Ski Dubai.

I did have fun at the mall. I got a haircut, ate some Pinkberry, and people watched. Heck, I even saw a semi-celebrity. I say semi because it was a model I vaguely recognized and then had to google for twenty minutes to find.

Mostly the same except they told me I could have 6 toppings! Also mochi is banned in Dubai. Is it made out of pork? Alcohol? Both!?

Daniela Pestova. I had to go through tons of pictures of scantily clad woman to find her. That sucked 😉

The next day I would go on a big bus tour to really explore the city. Spoiler Alert: I go to more malls.

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