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Arc of Time in Istanbul

May 4, 2010


02:00 PM : Landed in Istanbul and preceded to stand in a ridiculous customs line.  Not cool Turkey.

03:00 PM : Found the hotel pretty easily despite it being in a weird alley off the main roads.  Ironically, for me anyway, it was called Hotel Niles.

04:00 PM : Visited the Blue Mosque.  Jaw dropped, etc.

interior of blue mosque

05:00 PM : Went across the street to its older, dilapidated brother Aya Sofya.  Now a museum, it’s under major construction which it desperately needs.

interior of aya sofya

06:00 PM: Stumbled upon a park with row of obelisks.  This started a string penis myself.

07:00 PM : Had my first Turkish kebab.  Same as an Egyptian kebab.

08:00 PM : Drank some Turkish coffee.  Immediately regretted it.  I couldn’t sleep.  Stayed up late watching BBC Prime Minister debates.


09:00 AM : Woke up early and had breakfast on the roof with an awesome view of the water.

10:00 AM : Went back to the Aya Sofya for some sketching.

11:00 AM : Headed to Topkapi Palace.  Way too crowded.

topkapi palace. say that ten times fast.

02:00 PM: My lunch consisted of popcorn and corn from street vendors.

03:00 PM : Went to the Archaeology Museum.

04:00 PM : Went down into the Basilica Cistern.  A huge underground cistern.  Great ambience and would be a great place for murders and stuff.

05:00 PM : Took the tram to the New Mosque.  Not actually new.

new mosque.

06:00 PM : Walked across the bridge all the way to the Istanbul Modern.  Found out it was closed.

07:00 PM : Walked back towards the bridge and took a funicular up to Tunel Square.  Ate more kebab and drank more coffee.

08:00 PM : Walked down the hill and back to Sultanahmet.

09:00 PM : Took some night photos of the Aya Sofya and Blue Mosque.  Was asked by a man if I was Japanese.  I told him I was American.  He told me I look Japanese.  I felt like I disappointed him.

blue mosque at night.


10:00 AM : I “slept” in. Not sure if I used those quotation marks correctly.

11:00 AM: Went to the Grand Bazaar.  Quickly realized all they sell is trinkets and carpet.  I have no use for either, so I walked out.

12:00 PM : Visited Suleymaniye Mosque.  Completely closed.

01:00 PM : Pounded an orange juice and headed back to the airport.

02:00 PM : Lift off!  Sat in the same section as fifty Japanese tourists.  Now I actually felt like I was Japanese.

04:00 PM : Landed in Cairo.  Looked at my phone and it was the same time as Istanbul.  This confused me for hours until I found out a time change had happened while I was away.  Now I felt like I was Japanese and on Lost.

05:00 PM : Began stuffing my face with Turkish delights.  Realized I left my iPhone charger in Istanbul.

And here are the rest of the photos:

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