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Nothing to Watch

May 24, 2010

One of the difficulties about living in Egypt is the lack of English language programming.  Last night was a prime example.  While everyone was raving and ranting about the Lost Finale and the Blackhawks sweep of the Sharks, I was left watching an old episode of the (New) Beverly Hills 90210.  Tonight??  A random episode of the Mentalist (I don’t get it.  Does the Mentalist have a special power?  Why is this show popular??).  I have very few channels to choose from: BBC News, CNN, Fashion TV, Fox Movies, Fox Series, and the MBC channels.  The only new programming I get is American Idol.  I’ve watched two basketball games and the rest were the dreaded football matches.

So How do I manage?  Well, I read a lot.  I download e-books on my iPhone and, yes, I read on the phone.  The rest of my time is spent watching TED videos (on my iPhone again) and the rare times I bittorent a series.  I can’t do it often because I don’t have a computer at home so I let my work computer run over night and grab some episodes.

I made this DIY iPhone stand for all my iPhone viewing…as a commenter says : “Asians are so smart.”

This lead me to watch season 1 and 2 of Breaking Bad.  I’m sure you’ve heard about how great this show is but I’d like reemphasize: it really is the best show on television ( better than Mad Men).  Every episode is so gripping that I can only watch a few episodes at a time.

Best. Show. Ever

This is not a 24 type show where you burn through episodes waiting for Jack Bauer to save the day.  Speaking of Jack, I’m also sad that I’m missing the final season of 24. I get my fix by watching reruns here on MBC Action.  I don’t mind though, it’s a world where David Palmer still lives!

I’m hoping to stock up on television shows when I come home for summer vacation.  In the meantime…don’t tell me what happens on Lost.  I already know too much.

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