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America: Condensed Into 12 Days, Condensed into 1 Post

July 19, 2010

Friday, July 2:

I arrived in the States at 3pm.  My parents were at the wrong gate, but I DID get to see Julius Peppers.  So I think that evens out.  I spent the rest of the night opening things I had bought and sent to the house while in Egypt.

Saturday, July 3:

CUBS GAME!!!  My first at Wrigley in nearly four years.  I went with Bola, Schmitt, and Josh.  We drank, ate peanuts, and barely paid attention to the game.  Afterwards, we headed down to HF for a BBQ, LOL.

cubs win! cubs win!

Sunday, July 4:

Just hung out with my family.  Cooked some kebaps (bringing a bit of Egypt back with me!) and went to see Toy Story 3 afterwards.

Monday, July 5:

Went down to see Rome, Alex, and Brad in Lincoln Park.  We had dinner at Piece and then had an EPIC Magic: The Gathering session at Rome’s place.  I think we played for 4 hours and most of the time was spent asking Brad what the rules were.

Tuesday, July 6:

Nothing went smoothly this day.  I went down for dinner with Kira and a monsoon hits.  So I’m really late.  We decide to go to Home Bistro in Lakeview and it’s closed!  On a Tuesday!  So I call up Schmitt because we were supposed to meet for Trivia Night afterwards.  That’s FULL!  We end up at a bar nearby that didn’t play music for the first thirty minutes we were there.  A bit of a letdown.

Wednesday, July 7:

Flew to the OC for a quick visit with friends and my brother.  Of course the day we fly, my brother goes to the ER and I have no clue if he’s ever made it into the OC.  Thankfully, he got a later flight and we made it safely to the Jowetts’ new fancy eco-home.

Thursday, July 8:

I had a dentist appointment at 8am.  I definitely set my alarm to wake up at 7am…CENTRAL TIME!  I woke up at 5am and left the house only to realize I was 2 hours early!  So what did I do?  I bought a coffee at Starbucks and slept there with my sunglasses on.  Problem solved.  For lunch we went to Inka Grill and then watched Twlight: Eclipse (made more hilarious by Mike’s constant loud laugh….true story: While watching Knocked Up in the theaters, I got so annoyed with his loud laugh that I made him sit far away from me).  At night we all met at Javier’s for some excellent cougar watching.

Friday, July 9:

Woke up early to bid goodbye to the Jowetts.  We then headed over to hangout with Jesse by the pool.  For dinner we went to happy hour at Agora and then to Sheri’s to see the BABY!  At around 8pm we then drove all the way up to Wimberley’s place for a quick get-together. To my surprise Matt Page was there! (but no Rhianna).  It was awesome seeing everyone and it was way too fast!

baby yama!!!

Saturday, July 10:

Back in Chicago.  Went to dinner with my family and aunt.  Then headed down to the city for some wings.  We found a new bar that had a suicide wing challenge.  Winner gets a t-shirt and trophy!  Josh and I stuck with normal wings.  Bo and Schmitt decided to go for it with much fanfare.  I’ve had other suicide wings before, but these were intense!  Schmitt failed pretty quickly.  But Bo?  Bo knows Wings.  He finished them, but also declared he’d never do that again.

to the victor, goes the spoils

Sunday, July 11:

I went to the Art Institute of Chicago with my family and we then went on a Chicago River boat tour.  For dinner we went to the Purple Pig (recommended by Karen) and satisfied 6 months of pork cravings while living in Egypt.  Let’s just say I ate everything you can imagine there (pork ears, bone marrow, ham, etc).

at the art institute

Monday, July 12:

Time to say goodbye.  I’ll see you soon America!

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