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Eid Vacation: Luxor

September 14, 2010

We were in Luxor for only three days, but luckily for us there were very few people in the city due to Ramadan and the intense heat (110 degrees).  The first day we had grand plans of touring the city, but ended up just lounging by the pool.  Not much to say except we did encounter Neo-Nazis, who became an item of fascination for us (Why were they there?  Did they care about Egyptian culture?  Do they want to kill us?).

On day two we hired a driver to take us to the West Bank to see the Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens, and Temple of Hatshepsut.  We weren’t allowed picture in any of the tombs, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  We almost got thrown out of one tomb for trying to take a cellphone picture.  Thereafter, they kept checking my phone at each tomb (The best was when an officer assumed a picture of Bola on my phone was Barrack Obama…they all look the same, even in Africa!).

pinching at the colossi of memnon

at the temple of pose!

Other highlights of the day, include my brother bargaining down a kefiya scarf from 150 LE to 20 LE and a granola bar (Yes, he actually used a granola bar as a bargaining tool).  We were also taken to an alabaster store where they “made” sculptures.  As soon as we got there, the employees reenacted a scene of them creating sculptures by hand.  It was comical how staged it was.

On the third day, we checked out the east bank and visited the Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.  We had the temples to ourselves, as the heat drove away most of the tourists that day.  It was nice to have them to ourselves, but I really did feel like dying in that heat.

pinching AND holding arms in karnak temple

arms linked in the one is here

typical asian the avenue of sphinxes

It was a bit strenuous and frightful, due to the Nazis, but a wonderful experience to see Ancient Egypt.  By this point we were definitely ready for Sharm El-Sheikh and relaxation.

I’ll post pictures of the “architecture” later.  These are more of the fun ones we took during the stay down in Luxor.

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