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Being Mr.Manger

October 30, 2010

wow, i'm mr. manager.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been a little busy of late.  The biggest news, of course, is that my boss decided to leave.  And now guess who’s in charge?  Me.  First order of business was of course to give away all design related projects to another architect.  My role now has become a design evaluator and someone who the CEO relies on to find mistakes and fix on-site problems.  It’s a bit different from what I’m used to but a welcome relief from trying to design large parts of a hotel by myself.

Another consequence of the position shuffle is that I now have to come in later and work later.  They’ve already asked me to come in around mid afternoon and stay until late night.  I’m becoming more Egyptian by the day.  I’m going to guess soon I’ll become nocturnal only seeing daylight for a few hours a day.

Oh, I’ve also started taking Arabic classes.  While I’m still horrible, I can now at least strike up a conversation with someone as long as we stick to these topics: office supplies, random household appliances, greetings, numbers, and how much things cost.  Let’s just say I have awesome conversations with taxi drivers.

In other news, I celebrated Halloween here and wore a costume for the first time since probably junior high school (not a big fan of the holiday).  It was pretty fun event held at the embassy.  No pictures of our costumes (whirling dervishes) since cameras aren’t allowed in the building.  But you can imagine how ridiculous I looked.

Finally, I’m coming home November 12th to 22nd!  Things I’m definitely looking forward to: Bulls game (1st time season ticket holder!), Hawks game, pork, wings, fall, some more pork, and some good ol’ fashion Miller Lite.

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