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Bulls Rookie Camp

November 29, 2010

I think last year I visited Chicago once while living in California.  While living in Cairo??  Twice already.  Last week I was home for Eid, an annual Muslim celebration.  This time around I decided to stay in the Midwest for the whole ten days.  It was a pretty relaxing time and I got to meet a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in  a LONG time.  I basically drove down to the city every night.  Ate wings at least three times and probably gained about ten pounds.  It was a great trip and makes me want to come back to America faster!  The only thing really worth talking about is my first Bulls game of the year.  Since we were first time season ticket holders we were invited to a special “rookie camp” before the Bulls vs. Wizards game.  We were promised shots on the court, $1 hotdogs, and photo ops with Scottie Pippen.  Only one of those promises were fulfilled.

We got to the game pretty early and decided to get in a random line.  We looked at the sign and were led to believe it was a photo with Scottie Pippen. Awesome.  But as soon as we got closer to the court we realized it was just a photo opportunity at center court. WTF.  We quickly jumped out of the line and went for some $1 hotdogs.  Sold Out.  At this point we were slightly pissed.  We came to the game 4 hours early and we had nothing to show for.  We did get to shoot some jump shots (Sorry for the blurry pics.  We forgot our camera so we were reduced to using a phone).

Dan Shooting

Rome Shooting

Groot Shooting

As we were about to leave who comes walking by us?  Team Ambassador Scottie Pippen!  Two hours late.  Rome took a picture with him while the rest of us stood and gave Scottie dirty looks (Rome is such a fanboy).  We also wanted to take pics with the Championship trophies but the line was HUGE.  Instead we decided to just photoshop us in.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to go another game, you know, since I am season ticket holder 😉

Rome and Scottie

Groot, Schmitt, Rome, and Me with Scottie and Trophies

P.S. I did get to celebrate two Thanksgivings this year.  Our family celebrated on the Sunday before and on Friday we did a large 26 person potluck at my friend’s place.

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  1. Schmitt permalink
    November 30, 2010 2:20 am

    Look at my hand… I’m gettin fresh with Scottie!

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